Horizons Project - a project where the music is massive, floating, suggestive, evocative, sore and soulful.. There is a common thread throughout the production - it is about landscapes and metaphors against the forces that are both in nature and in ourselves. The music ranges from the fragile through catchy pop to massive soundscapes. The songs are inspired by the dramatic cycles we live and live in. We seek to create an audiovisual experience where music is accompanied by photographs and film.

Horizons Project are:

Kim Erik Lillestøl / Drums
Bjørn Helge Lervåg / Bass
Pål-André Måseidvåg / Guitar
Jan Gunnar Åkre / Keyboards & Vocals
Ole Tommy Blomvik / Vocals
Svein Riise / Vocals
Roger Hauge / Vocals
Jan Ove Ringstad / Guitar & Vocals
Finn Thorsen / Guitar