the CD on tour 2019


You have found a secret page!

We wish you very welcome. You have entered this page by scanning a secret QR code distributed on 15 of our CD´s that is distributed through family in Korea.

You should find an unique number written on your CD,.

This is a friendly experiment where we invite you play a part and to define the story. We encourage you to keep the CD for a week or two, before you pass it on to a friend or whom ever you choose. We really appreciate a comment on this page, and a reference to which CD you have received.

As stated, this is a friendly experiment. We have no idea where this may lead us, however we are curious and positive to follow the path of these CD´s. If this leads toward us playing on large concerts or festivals, that will be a great bonus, however, this all belongs to the faith and outcome of this experience.

We are really excited to follow this experiment!

Peace and love.