Horizons Project
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Studio time!

Very soon we are entering the fantastic Ocean Sound Recording Studio to start record our first complete album. This is a new and huge milestone for the band, and we are looking forward to produce a fundamental statement with our music.



Sulahallen 2016

Another concert, a new success!

Our thanks goes to everyone that shared this evening with us. What a great gig, and what a great audience. 

Many thanks to Stig Ulv for giving a smart and very nice start to the show. We´re your greatest fans.

Keep on following us on Facebook, Twitter and our social channels - keep on buying and streaming our music. Keep on sharing the stories of our concert, and we´ll see you again soon!

(photo: Aslak Molvær)


Best regards, 
Horizons Project




Horizons Project 2016

2016 is going to be a very exiting year for Horizons Project.
Recording our first album and doing our first tour
are some of our goals, so stay tuned!
— Horizons Project

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